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From Dr. Brianna: Confessions of a Chiropractor

From Dr. Brianna:

Confessions of a Chiropractor

When I tell people that I am a Chiropractor, more often than not, their first thought is that I “fix” neck and back pain.  While it’s true, that Chiropractic can help the body deal with aches and pains, that is not what inspired me to become a Chiropractor.  Yes, I said it.  I did not become a Chiropractor just to fix your aches and pains.  It’s not that I don’t care about your pain, I do, I promise, and I know firsthand what it’s like to be bent over in crippling back pain.  Besides, I don’t like watching people suffer, so I am happy to help where I can.  However, my confession is that I became a Chiropractor so that I can help you and your family achieve a lifetime of HEALTH, of HAPPINESS, and of true FULFILLMENT, so that you can all live your BEST life.  The truth is that in addition to pain, Chiropractic holds the potential to helping you transcend all kinds of symptoms, sickness and disease.  It can also help keep them away, before they even develop, so that unnecessary suffering doesn’t happen.  See, I became a Chiropractor because I fell in love with the fact that there is an intelligence running the show, whose only goal is to keep us healthy, happy and fully alive. My goal is to keep you connected to this intelligence for as long as you live, so that you can live your BEST life.  As your Chiropractor, I promise to support you on your journey of living your BEST life.  And, let’s make sure we take care of your kids and the rest of your family, so you can be surrounded by people living their BEST life too!

In health and faith, 

Dr. Jay, Dr. Brianna, Roberta, Kathy, Lori & Elli

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