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Wishing Dr. Brianna well in NY(C)

Well, I have some sad news to share... Dr. Brianna has left the practice to begin her own practice somewhere in New York. She is still searching for the perfect place but she is her time going forward to finding and starting her own practice. She may make a guest appearance once in a while to cover for me if I take a day off but she will not be in regularly any more. She is an awesome Chiropractor and I know we all wish her well and will miss her.

As A Result... I HAVE SWITCHED BACK TO A WALK-IN PRACTICE but as a result of the recent in office survey I did, we will also be accepting 2 scheduled appointments per hour. One on the hour and one at the half hour. No matter how busy the office may be, the scheduled patients will be seen ON TIME ahead of the walk-ins who will be seen on a first come, first served basis.

Check out our new website... will take you to which is where our new website is now live. We have a new 7 minute new patient orientation video option in addition to the more in depth video and the 'First Visit' page shows how easy it is to become a new patient in the office.


The newsletter will be mailed through a completely new system this month so if you don't receive it by the 1st, CALL us and we'll update your email address for you.

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay

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