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"All my friends see      Dr. Gallagher and

now I do!"

Ever since I have stepped off Dr. Gallagher's table, I have been moving in ways that I hadn't been able to in YEARS!!


Affordable First Visit fee


* Includes Consult, Exam,   and Adjustment!

*First Time Clients Only!


"All my friends see      Dr. Gallagher and

now I do!"

Ever since I have stepped off Dr. Gallagher's table, I have been moving in ways that I hadn't been able to in YEARS!!


Affordable First Visit fee


* Includes: Consult, Exam, ThermalScan, Posture Analysis and First Adjustment!
(Normally $90.00)

*First Time Clients Only!

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Meet Tulsa's Chiropractor

Dr. Norbert Gallagher



Doctor of Chiropractic


Norbert Gallagher, DC has been helping people heal better and live stronger since 1989. His office is in Tulsa. As an experienced chiropractor,  he is committed to promoting health and living a life drug-free.


Dr. Norbert Gallagher has been a licensed Chiropractor since1989


  • Undergraduate studies at University of Tulsa

  • A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic

  • B.S. in Biological Sciences from Palmer College of Chiropractic

Associations & Memberships

  • International Chiropractors' Association Member

  • International Chiropractors' Association Oklahoma Representative

  • Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiner - Vice President

  • NBCE certified

  • FCLB Oklahoma State Delegate

How do we make it so affordable?

We do not bill any insurance companies.  Our insurance department used to cost thousands of dollars a month to run; now we simply pass the savings along to you.


What about KIDS??

When we see a child in our office, we typically check the spine and adjust if needed to prevent a problem. When we adjust an adult, we are correcting a problem and trying to maintain it. There is a big difference. We'd rather check and prevent in our office rather than waiting until we have to correct and maintain.


This is why in our office up to two kids 17 & under are FREE when seen on the same visit as a parent. It is a labor of love!  Up to 3 additional children only cost $35 for the additional time slot.

Dr. Gallagher has taken care of my kids for the past year and they love it! Dr. Gallagher and the staff are all super friendly.

- Stephanie H. Google

It has been a fantastic experience. Dr. Gallagher and his crew are the best. They make you feel welcome and that they really care about you becasue they really do care. I will go no where else.

- David G. Google

I am having a fantastic experience. Dr. Gallagher and his staff are awesome and really care about you.

-Angie S. Google

My life is more energetic and happy... with Dr. Gallagher. It is Life changing!!!!!!

- Kelly V. Google

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“Our Infrared thermal scanner helps us locate the cause of your problem so we can correct it quickly.”

Dr. Norbert Gallagher

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T-Town Chiropractic is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic techniques and other services.  We are a "high tech", hands on chiropractic facility with a Palmer College trained Chiropractor who can administer a state of the art computerized adjustments utilizing the Impulse adjusting instrument.

Spinal Adjustment

Other Services:


  •  Thermal Scan  


  • Impulse computerized adjusting technology -  by using this instrument, you will not hear any of the "popping sound" during an adjustment of the spine.  It is for those that want to get the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment but were too nervous about being adjusted manually.

I loved that Dr. Gallagher adjusted me with an Impulse instrument vs being manually adjusted.

I can now say I am FREE of migraines!

- Susan S. Facebook

Fantastic place! Dr. Gallagher can put you back together :) highly recommended!

-Trinda L. Google

The Best....The whole family sees Dr. Gallagher on a regular basis, kids, fellow homeschoolers and friends too.

- Chris L. Facebook

I go to Dr. Gallagher on a regular basis and I am able to live a very active life style. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

- Brenda T. Google

I am grateful for the relief from the pinched nerve and feeling hopeful for my neck....which I might add no other Chiropractor has been able to help in the past 35 years. I would highly recommend if you need a chiropractor and have kids that might need it too.....

- Stephanie M. Facebook

A Perfect Match...

T-Town Chiropractic offers affordable chiropractic care in a state of the art office.  You will be taken care of with the same level of care and concern that we give to our own family. Although all new patients are required to watch a Mandatory Orientation Class Video prior to being seen, there are no long patient intake forms to fill out, only two sheets of paper front and back and you are ready for your spinal exam...that's it.

Click For Directions
T-Town Chiropractic
6309 E. 102nd St.
Tulsa, OK  74137

Mon, Tues, Wed, & Thurs:
9am - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm


10am - 1pm

Sunday- We're in church.
Hope you are too!

Affordable First visit Fee


* Includes: Consult, Exam, ThermalScan, Posture Analysis and First Adjustment!
(Normally $90.00)

*First Time Clients Only!


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