We love new patients!
Contact our office at 918-747-7463 for more information 
or you can schedule your first visit, by watching our 
mandatory orientation video and by following the instructions below..

Call the office to find out when our next available appointment is and then follow the 4 easy steps below.

4 Easy Steps:

1. Click on link for the New Patient Form found below and complete each section including the acknowledgement page that we don't file insurance claims.

New Patient Registration Form:

2. Watch the 28 minute video and fill out the quiz as you are watching. Watching our New Patient Orientation / Consultation Video is Mandatory. If you choose not to watch the video, we would be happy to refer you to another great chiropractor in your area.

3. Click on the link for the Quiz Form and fill it out.

Video Quiz Form:

4. Call the office for an appointment AFTER completing steps 1-3. (918) 747-7463.

**In the event you need to download the forms, see the 
   two forms in pdf format to the right.>>>

 Watch our 7 minute T-Town Video as a Bonus with Corresponding Quiz for a    "Surprise" when you come in for your 1st Visit!