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To Adjust or Not to Adjust? - March 2023 Newsletter

To Adjust or Not to Adjust? That is the Question.

Receiving weekly Adjustments proactively not only keeps microscopic arthritis and scar tissue from developing, but helps one to stay way ahead of any potential of "pain." If there's one thing we have learned during our son Breckin's time at St; Jude's Hospital, is that one doesn't let up on pain meds when one feels "good" because that very pain will come back with a vengeance fast! The minimal pain dosage keeps the pain inflammation at bay much like the weekly adjustment to the spine. Now for many of you, you have been very good at staying regular. So when a flare-up occurs, a couple of visits extra is only required. However, the sporadic scheduled patients require nearly a dozen visits just to get back on track. (The "engines off" ship crashing into the shoreline) Moral of the Story - Stay on a weekly schedule of adjustments not to exceed 14 days! P.S. Breckin receives a minimum of weekly adjustments and his entire staff of docs at St. Jude's have commented on how well he's been doing and are even "jealous!" It makes a HUGE difference in healing and recovering from an illness or something as extreme as cancer. When the body is in alignment, it heals in the way God intended it to heal!

Breckin is working extremely hard!! He's so ready to be back on the field. ⚽🥅 In 10 days his port will be removed and in 4-6 weeks he can start goalie training!!! We are coming up on a year from when Breckin was first diagnosed. In fact this past weekend a year ago when Breckin came to the girls dance competition at Primetime, where they just competed, was when he had his biggest and most noticeable tremor. That night was so scary and it was only the beginning of the road we were about to travel down. Breckin is a warrior!! He is constantly doing research about his conditions and how he can overcome them in a more natural way. I LOVE that!! ........and have no idea where he gets that from 😜 He now takes a shot of pickle juice in the morning due to the nausea from his electrolytes being out of balance. Yum 😋😅 the nausea almost immediately goes away and it's like an instant energy boost. We learned this trick from other athletes with Addison's!!! So this summer we will be making pickle juice popsicles 🤣 yet another thing we learned from athletes with Addison's 🙌 He can either stress dose his Hydrocortisone med or take shots of pickle juice .... He chose pickle juice so he can save his stress dosing to ONLY when he absolutely has to!! #BreckinStrong #soproud #braincancersurvivor #thecomebackkid


Our family uses this in the upcoming allergy season to help with those allergens that make one stuffing & congested. "In fact, I will take 4-6 before going out to mow the yard and it helps dramatically to prevent the scratchy voice of the dust blowing into my face!" - Dr.G Most will find taking between 6-12 a day, depending on the severity of the symptoms, will greatly help. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. - Dr.G

Antronex contains bovine liver fat extract. Japanese researchers discovered a liver fat extract that was used to support the body’s normal detoxification mechanisms.

Nutrients & Ingredients

Each Serving Size (1 Tablet) contains: Calcium 30 mg. Proprietary Blend 16 mg: Bovine liver fat extract and d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E sunflower). Other Ingredients: Calcium lactate, calcium stearate, and acacia gum. Click on the link below and set up your acount. Once you request an account untilizing the office code below, you will be authorized thru 2 step process to begin ordering. Code: B9B79Q

Thank you for being such great patients!

My family and I greatly appreciate all the wonderful prayers on Breckin's journey of fighting cancer in Jesus name! "Amen!" - Dr.G

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